Clara-Doc - Open Source Packages

The Open Source Packages listed in this Clara-Doc are licensed under the LGPL license. This basically means you can use the source code in your projects and modify it to suit your needs while not having to release your own proprietary source. Clarasoft releases this source code in the hope it can assist developpers in their software projects while not constraining developpers to disclose what is rightfully their intellectual property. The motivation behind this offering is to give back to the community of developpers that have shared their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of others. Clarasoft is following their example and seeks to further this trend. You can view the LGPL license V3 under which these packages are released here. For more information about the GNU LGPL, you can go to


Package NameProgramming LanguageDescription
CFS-400ILE C / ILE RPGClarasoft Foundation Server For AS400
CTBASEILE RPGClarasoft Base Tools